H type pullet chicken cage

H-type pullet chicken cage is a type of cage specifically designed for raising young hens, also called pullets. The H-shape of the cage allows for efficient use of space and easy access to chicken feed and water. It is popular among poultry farmers because of its practical design.
This cage is made from a sturdy material like galvanized steel wire mesh. Constructed of multiple layers or levels, each level provides enough space for your kitten to move around comfortably, and the H-shape improves ventilation and lighting, which is essential for your kitten’s health and well-being. The cage is designed with feeding and watering systems that are easily accessible from both sides, making it convenient for farmers to provide food and water to chickens.
H-type pullet cages are known for their efficient use of space to maximize the number of pullets, making them especially beneficial for commercial poultry operations. This cage is designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for young hens to grow and thrive. Optimize space, facilitate feeding and watering, and promote good ventilation.


Features of H-type pullet chicken cage

  1. Helps streamline the poultry farming process and reduce labor.
  2. Maximizes vertical space and is ideal for farms with limited floor space.
  3. Allows higher production capacity and is often used in large poultry farms.
  4. Suitable for small-scale poultry farming.

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Types of H-type pullet chicken cages

  1. Single-sided H-shaped pullet chicken cage: This type of cage has one row of compartments on both sides of the H-shape.
  2. Double-sided H-shaped pullet chicken cage: As the name suggests, this cage has two rows of compartments on both sides of the H-shape.
  3. Stacking H-shaped pullet chicken cage: This type is designed to be stacked vertically in multiple tiers.
  4. Battery H type pullet chicken cage: Battery H type pullet chicken cage is a more advanced version with automatic feeding and watering system.

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