Chicken Feeding System

Material: galvanized sheet, galvanized pipe, PVC
Power system: motor
Features: Long service life, low noise
Usage: layer chicken;broiler chicken;pullet chicken

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Configuration of chicken feeding system

The chicken feeding system mainly consists of the following five parts:

1. Food trough:

Material: Galvanized sheet, PVC

Specifications: Large reverse slope trough, cleat trough, iron trough.

Trough features: Increasing the opening of the trough effectively prevents the chickens from throwing out the feed, saving feed, sanitation and cleaning, thereby reducing the feeding cost and improving the breeding efficiency.

chicken feeding system

2. Material tray:

Material: polyethylene material

Breeding capacity: 30-40 animals

Features: Store feed, easy to install and use. It is mainly used for flat raising chicken houses.

3. Automatic feeding machine:

The automatic feeding machine is an important part of the chicken feeding system.

Automatic feeding machine includes gantry type feeding machine and driving type feeding machine.

Features: Save manpower, easy to manage. Direct push material, safe, convenient, energy saving, no noise, no impact on chickens. More importantly, the automatic feeding machine can also reduce feed, feed uniformity, feed amount and driving speed can be adjusted by itself.

4. Transverse oblique feeding device:

The main function is to transfer the feed from the feed tower or hopper to the automatic feeder. Use with automatic feeder.

5. Material tower:

It is characterized by durability and corrosion resistance. The feed tower is mainly used to store and regulate the feed delivered to the tower. In addition,The tower also has the functions of dust removal and moisture resistance to ensure the quality of feed.

Role of the chicken feeding system

1. Provide clean and hygienic feed for chickens.

2, the automatic feeding system saves manpower, reduces feeding costs and improves feeding efficiency.

3, the feeding facilities are strong and strong, and the service life is long.

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