A type chicken cage

Spray coating is corrosion-resistant and can maintain the cage life for 15-20 years. It can be operated intensively and automatically in the poultry management system, bringing the feeding system, drinking water system, manure cleaning system, and egg collection system into the era of automation, improving Manpower level, greatly saving labor costs
The battery cage system has scientific design, efficient working process, sturdy structure and thoughtful installation service. It is very popular in closed chicken houses in large poultry farms around the world. The laying hen cage system uses automatic feeding hoppers and feed bins to feed chickens
Chicken cage systems are used for poultry to perform daily poultry tasks and are capable of producing the desired results. These laying hen cage systems are manufactured based on the industrialization and intensification of the chicken industry. Chicken cage system equipment and related environmental control technology have achieved certain results, such as nipple drinking technology, automatic feeding technology, cooling technology and animal husbandry, etc.

laying hen cage

The Importance of 10 Type A Chicken Cage Systems

  1. It regulates the reproductive cycle and faster maturation
    It helps increase productivity by easily providing natural daylight simulation, the dark red fixture has been proven to stimulate ovulation by releasing reproductive hormones, thereby shortening the time to peak production, and the sunrise/sunset simulation eliminates the stress of switching input lights Opens and closes suddenly, can reduce mortality and support
  2. Reduce the phenomenon of cannibalism among birds
  3. Provide a comfortable and healthy environment for birds
  4. A large number of chickens can be raised at one time
  5. Chicken cage systems help promote growth and weight gain
    Lighting has been shown to be a critical input for healthy chicken development. Lights promote growth and feed conversion in poultry farms and help increase weight gain in laying hens
  6. High degree of automation
    Fully automatic feeding, drinking water, manure cleaning, cooling curtain cooling, standardized management, automatic control system, saving energy consumption, improving labor efficiency, reducing labor service and feeding costs, and further improving the efficiency of poultry breeding in farms. Agricultural equipment
  7. Provide an animal welfare-friendly environment and increase breeding stock
    Animal welfare audits measure the availability of poultry feed and monitor flock uniformity to determine the overall welfare of the flock. Feeder control panel lights are designed to attract birds to the main feeder tray or control feeder tray. The fixture produces light of a poultry-specific wavelength and attracts the birds to encourage feeding. Increased feeding activity on the control panel keeps the feeding line full, resulting in even feed distribution throughout the feeding line
  8. Helps improve flock uniformity and feed conversion rate
    One of the features of the chicken cage system is that it helps improve bird weight, flock uniformity and feed conversion efficiency. For this type of fixture, having a proper production dimmer and a well-thought-out lighting program is crucial. Dark blue lights are used to calm birds and reduce condemnation. Enhanced full spectrum of red gets birds up and moving, promoting weight gain and extending long-term lifespan
    immune response. The red spectrum helps maintain circadian rhythms and promotes sexual maturation. Lights are built to help regulate the breeding cycle and promote faster maturation of the birds
  9. Reduce labor costs
    Chicken cage systems reduce labor costs because the chickens are neatly arranged in the cages and have multiple facilities to enhance their welfare
  10. Save land space
    Chicken coop system helps in reducing land space as it requires minimum land space and can accommodate more birds

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Product Description

In order to achieve the purpose of raising laying hens, especially for commercial purposes, chicken cage systems are required in poultry farming as the importance of chicken cage systems in poultry farms cannot be ignored as it enhances the high quality production of eggs. The chicken cage system provides the factory with higher production efficiency and improves the overall competitiveness and economic benefits of the farm.
The poultry cage system has the characteristics of high degree of automation, high density,
Effectively save land and labor costs. The chicken house is separated from human living areas to avoid the spread of diseases. The fully automatic manure cleaning system effectively reduces environmental pollution and adds an intelligent environmental control system. It is the best choice for intensive and large-scale chicken farms.
Chicken cage systems are used in poultry farms to raise laying hens. This chicken cage system is fully equipped with an automated system that is very efficient in poultry farms. Including automatic feeding system, automatic drinking system, automatic egg collection system and automatic manure cleaning system.