New chicken cage that increases breeding capacity by 20%

Time : 2024-06-17

How to start a laying hens poultry farm project? Choose a reliable poultry equipment manufacturer. LIVI Machinery has more than 30 years of experience in equipment production. The factory area is 5,000 square meters. The A-type layer cage developed and designed is more cost-effective than the laying hen cages on the market. Each building can be improved by 20 % of the breeding volume!

The purpose of raising laying hens is to harvest eggs and sell them to earn profits. If each chicken house increases the breeding volume by 20%, it can harvest more eggs, thereby increasing profits! It is the advantage point for poultry farmers to choose chicken cage equipment.

laying hens poultry farm project
laying hens poultry farm project

How does LIVI’s A type layer equipment achieve 20% more laying hens in each building?
Our A-type layer raising equipment, It looks like the letter A, so we call it A-type.
It also adopt the hot-dip galvanized material so the service life could be 15-20 years, It has a long service life and high stability.
Our fully automatic A-type equipment also includes the automatic feeding, drinking, manure cleaning, egg collecting and environment control system, so it could help to save the labor cost and improve the working efficiency.
The A-type equipment with well natural ventilation, so the A-type equipment could be applied to the open chicken shed with the natural ventilation.
This is 4 tiers A-type equipment, we also have 3 tiers.There are 2 cages per tier, 4 cells per cage, and we recommend to put 5 birds per cell, so there are 20 birds per tier. The area per bird is 445cm2,
The length of the cage is 1800mm, depth is 495mm, the height of the front of the cage is 430mm, behind is 360mm.


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