Why Upgrade to closed chicken house in Indonesia

Time : 2024-06-18

Indonesia is a country with a developed breeding industry, and chicken farming has always been a major part of Indonesian agriculture. With the development of modern chicken farming, many farmers in Sumatra have become open-minded and gradually upgraded from traditional farms to closed chicken house systems.
As the demand for poultry products continues to grow, traditional breeding methods face challenges such as disease outbreaks, environmental problems and market price fluctuations. In order to solve these problems, many chicken farmers in Indonesia have begun to save themselves.

So what issues should we pay attention to during the transformation process?

  1. What type of ventilation is used? Is it a tunnel type or a combined tunnel type? What fans are used? What is the capacity? Is the number of fans sufficient for the number of chickens?
  2. How are the drinking and feeding lines arranged? If the settings are not reasonable, it will become complicated.
  3. How is the manure distribution set up? Is it automatic? Use a suitable manure belt? Or is it manual using a winch and using a tarpaulin manure belt?
closed chicken house in Indonesia
closed chicken house in Indonesia

Advantages of closed chicken coop houses

Closed chicken house systems raise chickens in a closed, controlled environment, providing optimal conditions for growth and production. The transition to closed chicken house systems brings a range of benefits to chicken farmers and consumers:

1. Higher quality products:

The controlled environment of closed chicken house systems can make chickens healthier, more productive, and higher quality poultry products.

2. Reduce the spread of infectious diseases:

With the reduced risk of disease outbreaks and improved breeding environments, closed chicken house systems can reduce investment costs for chicken farmers.

3. Better compliance with environmental policies:

Closed breeding systems support sustainable agricultural practices by saving resources and minimizing environmental impact.

4. Enhanced food safety:

Automated breeding systems reduce the risk of contamination and improve consumer food safety standards. Product sales are more competitive and more popular in the market.

Why upgrade to a closed chicken house?

1. Improve biosecurity:

Closed chicken house systems can better prevent disease outbreaks because chickens are raised in a controlled environment with limited contact with outside pathogens.

2. Enhanced environmental control:

Closed chicken house systems can precisely control temperature, humidity and ventilation to create ideal conditions for chicken growth and egg production.

3. Improve productivity:

By optimizing the breeding environment, closed chicken house systems can significantly improve overall productivity.

4. Efficient resource utilization:

Enclosed chicken houses minimize the need for land, water and feed, making poultry farming more sustainable and resource-efficient.

5. Reduced environmental impact:

Enclosed poultry farming systems keep chicken houses cool, odor-free and fly-free. This helps reduce the environmental impact of poultry farming by reducing emissions, waste and land use.

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