20,000 Layers With H Type Layer Cage

Time : 2024-05-06

Livi Machinery has designed a chicken raising scheme for 20,000 layers with H-type layer cage in a 75*10*4M chicken house. In addition, Livi Machinery also designs and installs automatic poultry equipment in chicken house.

H Type Layer Cage Specifications

Utilize H type layer cages with dimensions of 1800*600*430mm.

Each layer cage consists of 4 tiers and 4 doors, accommodating 192 layers per set.

Poultry House Dimensions

The dimensions of the poultry house will be 75*10*4 meters.

Chicken Cage Requirement

To house 20,000 layers, 105 sets of H type layer cages are necessary.

These 105 sets will be arranged in the poultry house in 3 rows, with each row capable of accommodating 35 sets of H type layer cages.

Automatic Poultry Equipment

Automatic manure removal systems will be installed to maintain cleanliness within the poultry house.

Chicken feeding systems will be implemented for efficient and timely feeding of the layers.

Feed silos or towers will be installed to store and dispense feed automatically, ensuring a continuous supply of feed to the layers.

By implementing H type layer cage and integrating automatic poultry equipment, the proposed design aims to optimize space utilization, streamline operations, and enhance productivity in the management of 20,000 layers.

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