Chick raising is one of the important production links in the field of poultry breeding. Compared with adult chicken farming, the growth process of chicks requires more careful management and attention. In order to meet market demand and improve breeding efficiency, Livi launched an innovative chick cage system. This article will introduce you to the unique features of chick farming in detail, focusing on the product advantages of chick cages in improving breeding efficiency.

The Peculiarities Of Chick Breeding

Compared with adult chicken farming, chick farming has the following unique features:

Highly sensitive: Chicks have high requirements for the breeding environment and are sensitive to factors such as temperature, humidity, and air quality. Proper regulation of these factors is essential for healthy chick growth. FamTECH’s automated chicken farm equipment can perfectly solve this complex problem for you.
Susceptibility: Chicks have weak immunity and are often susceptible to disease and infection. Proper environmental management and hygiene measures can reduce risks.
Special feeding needs: Chicks require a suitable diet and fresh water to meet their nutritional needs and growth needs.

The unique features of chick cages

Due to the particularity of chick raising, chick cages have the following unique design requirements:

Choose a soft-bottomed net with smaller cage net gaps to soothe the chicks’ feet. Not only can it reduce foot diseases of chicks, but it is also more suitable for chicks to step on, and the chicks’ legs will not be stuck due to the large gap between the cage nets.
Use drinking nipples and cups to ensure chicks have easy access to clean water.
Fecal cleanup is easier because it falls directly onto the bottom conveyor belt.
Using U-shaped steel bars and self-tapping screws, the cage is strong and stable, and easy to clean.
It can be equipped with automatic feeding equipment, automatic drinking water system, and automatic manure cleaning system to achieve specialization, automation, and reduce costs.

Advantages of Livi Chick Cage

Chick cages, an innovative product from Livi breeding company, meet the special needs of chicks while offering the following key product benefits:

Advanced design: The chick cage is designed using advanced equipment and technology, combined with the experience and suggestions of breeding experts. Precisely control temperature, humidity, and ventilation inside the cage to provide an optimal growing environment.
Intelligent management: The chick cage is equipped with an intelligent monitoring system and automatic control device. Farmers can monitor and adjust important parameters such as feed supply and water supply in real time through electronic devices. This kind of intelligent management greatly improves breeding efficiency and reduces labor.
Comfortable environment: To provide a safe, clean, and warm growing environment for the chicks, the chick cage facility is designed with great care in terms of comfort. Proper spatial layout and feeding facilities promote normal growth and healthy development of chicks.
Reduced cost inputs: With proper resource utilization and intelligent management, chick cages can reduce rearing costs. Automatic feeding systems and efficient water use reduce labor and energy consumption, reducing farming costs.
Improve breeding efficiency: The advanced technology and scientific management methods of chick cages can improve breeding efficiency. By providing optimal growing conditions and feed management, chicks grow faster and have fewer disease outbreaks, resulting in increased production and sales income.

Best Choice – Type A Chick Cage

Adopts Q235 steel wire mesh and 275g/m hot-dip galvanized cage frame, providing smooth surface and ideal elasticity for chicken feet. Using a special chick cage almost eliminates the possibility of scratches and wound infections inside the chick cage.

Not only that, here are the top 10 benefits of Livi Type A seedling cage:

Galvanized low carbon steel wire has strong tensile and compression ability.
Convenient for observing the growth of chicks, and easy to group and select.
High quality automatic brooder cage fertilizer cleaning machine can effectively reduce the infection rate and mortality of chick diseases.
The feeding tank is equipped with adjustment plates to meet the feeding needs of chicks at different growth stages.
Adopts a V-shaped trough. Galvanized steel sheets are bent into a “V” shape to form anti-corrosion grooves. This special shape effectively prevents feed from falling and reduces feed wastage. At the same time, the rounded edge design allows farmers to safely clean and inspect their tanks.
There are enough feeding and drinking fountains to ensure the uniformity and health of the chicks.
Compared with flat housing, chicken feeding amount per unit area increases by 50%-100%.
The pressure regulator adjusts the water pressure to a constant amount, evenly distributing the water supply to each nipple drinker and providing sufficient water supply to the chick nursery cage.
Equipped with automatic feeding equipment, automatic drinking water equipment, automatic excreta cleaning equipment, etc. to achieve specialization, automation, and cost reduction.
A hot water pipe is installed at the bottom of the chick rearing cage to reduce the temperature difference between laying hens and increase the survival rate of the chicks.