Basic Information

Broiler cages help make better use of available space, which is important especially when land is expensive. In addition, using broiler cages to raise broiler chickens can provide better sanitary conditions, thereby improving the health and quality of broiler chickens. Mortality rates are also very low, unlike other methods of raising broiler chickens. Numerous studies have shown that raising broilers in broiler cages provides greater productivity than raising broilers on the floor
Broiler cages are made entirely of metal and are installed on 3-4 levels. Sometimes additional artificial lights are installed. The racks in the broiler cage can be easily retracted. Our broiler cages are very convenient for all breeds of broiler chickens. With this content, the feeding and care of broiler chickens will become pleasant and productive, in such conditions the chickens grow quickly and without losses
Broiler cages help create a clean, disease-free environment for the birds because the birds are not exposed to their feces, which falls into the feces belt next to the cage.

How much land is needed to store broiler cages?

Broiler cages have been accepted by poultry farmers around the world as the best and most effective way to raise broilers. Broiler cages have different components that work together to create a quality and comfortable life for the chickens. Broiler cages come with different accessories to make feeding and watering systems easier for farmers. Therefore, broiler cages require the least amount of land compared to ground rearing. More than 100 chickens can be raised on a substandard piece of land, reducing farmers’ land space.

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Product Description

Unlike when broilers are raised on the floor, the chickens have direct contact with the ground. Therefore, the droppings produced by chickens also fall directly on the ground. Now, chickens have a tendency to come into direct contact with feces, which can cause challenges to their health. In fact, they may start pecking again at the floor where the droppings were, which puts them at risk. Sleeping on their excrement will make it difficult for farmers to clean and tidy their houses
Broilers are birds raised primarily for meat production. In today’s broiler industry, different housing systems are used in broiler production. However, the most common one is to raise broilers on the floor. Raising broiler chickens in broiler cages is another type of broiler housing system, but it is not commonly used. Raising broiler chickens in broiler cages has many advantages and can help generate more income
Broiler cages are cages designed to provide a clean and convenient brooding environment for broilers in limited land space. They come with all necessary water fittings and adjacent parts. Broiler cages are suitable for raising broilers and adult birds in a modified intensive management system. Our broiler cages are designed to reduce feed spillage


  1. Broiler cages are divided into A-type broiler cages and H-type laminated broiler cages. They can be designed according to standard sizes or according to customer requirements.
  2. Broiler cages have a high breeding density and save about 50% of land space than free-range chickens.
  3. The broiler cage has a high degree of automation, which can save land resources, energy, labor costs, feed, and medicine usage costs. Therefore, broiler chicken cages can increase income by 40%
  4. Centralized management saves energy and resources and reduces the incidence of poultry diseases. The unique cage door design effectively prevents poultry from moving up and down and wasting feed.
  5. The steel wire of the broiler cage is anti-corrosion with galvanized steel wire, which extends the service life of the broiler cage to 15 years and avoids the occurrence of broiler diseases.