Product Description

The poultry cage system has high automation, high density,
Effectively save land and labor costs. The chicken house is separated from human living areas to avoid the spread of diseases. The fully automatic manure cleaning system effectively reduces environmental pollution and adds an intelligent environmental control system. It is the best choice for intensive and large-scale chicken farms.
Spray coating is corrosion-resistant and can maintain the cage life for 15-20 years. It can be operated intensively and automatically in the poultry management system, bringing the feeding system, drinking water system, manure cleaning system, and egg collection system into the era of automation, improving Manpower level, greatly saving labor costs
The battery cage system has scientific design, efficient working process, sturdy structure and thoughtful installation service. It is very popular in closed chicken houses in large poultry farms around the world. The laying hen cage system uses automatic feeding hoppers and feed bins to provide feed to chickens.


7 Benefits of Using Poultry Battery Cage Systems

  1. Poultry battery cage system helps promote growth and weight gain
    Lighting has been shown to be an important factor for the healthy development of chickens. Lighting equipment promotes growth and feed conversion in poultry farms and promotes weight gain of chickens.
  2. Advanced automation
    It has fully automatic feeding, drinking water, fertilizer removal, cooling curtain cooling, standardized management, automatic control system, saving energy consumption, improving labor efficiency, reducing manual feeding costs, and feeding efficiency of farm poultry. Consists of further improvements. agricultural equipment
  3. Provide an animal welfare-friendly environment and increase feeding amounts
    Animal welfare audits measure the availability of feed for birds and monitor flock uniformity to determine the overall welfare of the flock. Feeder control pan lights are designed to attract birds to the main or control feeder pan. This device produces light at wavelengths specific to poultry, attracting them and encouraging them to feed. Increased feed activity in the control pan keeps the feed line full and evenly feeds the entire line.
  4. Helps improve herd uniformity and feed conversion
    One of the characteristics of chicken cage systems is that they help improve bird weight, flock uniformity, and feed conversion. Proper production dimmers and a well-thought-out lighting program are important with this fixture. Dim blue light is used to calm the birds and reduce stigmatization. Full spectrum red enriched keeps birds awake, promotes weight gain, and extends lifespan.
  5. Regulates reproductive cycle and faster maturation.
    Easily provide natural light simulation to increase productivity. Dim red light fixtures have been proven to reduce the time it takes to reach peak production by stimulating ovulation through the release of reproductive stimulating hormones. Sunrise/sunset simulation eliminates stress input due to switching. It turns on and off suddenly, which may reduce mortality and support the immune response. The red spectrum helps maintain circadian rhythms and promotes sexual maturation. Lighting equipment was created to regulate the breeding cycle and speed up the maturation of poultry.
    6.Reducing labor costs
    The battery cage system reduces labor costs as the chickens are properly placed in a cage with several facilities to enhance the welfare of the chickens.
  6. Save land space
    Battery cage systems help reduce land space as they require minimal land space and can accommodate more birds.

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Product Description

A poultry battery cage system is a housing system used for a variety of animal production methods, but primarily for layer hens. The name comes from the arrangement of rows and columns of identical cages connected to each other within a unit, like in artillery. This term is usually applied to poultry farming, but similar cage systems are used for other animals as well.
Poultry battery cage systems have generated controversy among animal welfare advocates and industrial producers. This method is adopted in order to house a large number of chickens in a very limited space, reduce costs and obtain the same level of production, i.e. egg production. This method of chicken farming has been in the spotlight ever since it was discovered to be practical for laying hens.
Poultry battery cages, as the name suggests, do their job automatically and do what they are told to do, requiring little or no human effort. It comes with all the accessories you need, including a feeder, drinker, conveyor belt (to remove chicken droppings), and other conveyor belts (to collect eggs). Chicken cage systems make raising chickens easy and bearable for all chicken farmers.