To raise healthy chickens, you need to feed them high-quality poultry food and plenty of drinking water. You can buy commercial chicken feed for chicks, layers, and broilers, or you can mix your own. The question is not what to feed, but how to feed the poultry, and which feed mixer or grinder to use if you want to mix your own feed.

Anyone who decides to keep a few chickens for their own use can hand feed them every day. But once commercial cultivation begins, this method becomes very time-consuming.

This is why chicken farms generally need to have their own chicken feed machine.

Types of chicken feed machines
There are many types of machines suitable for feeding chickens. These include automatic and semi-automatic feeders. There are also a variety of machinery that can be used to process feed, including poultry feed pellet machines, poultry feed grinders, feed grinding mixer two-in-one machines, etc.

Semi-automatic poultry feeding machine
Livi semi-automatic feeder is designed using automobile chassis technology, with smooth operation, small turning radius and flexible steering. It is very suitable for small and medium-sized poultry breeding. The machine has power, travel and lift systems and runs on a low-voltage battery. Moving parts include drive shafts, wheels and steering wheels, and various other components. It is easy to operate and consumes very little power, making it a very popular choice for broilers and laying hens.

The design of the lifting element of the semi-automatic loading machine adopts an efficient spiral device, which can load three to four layers of cages at one time. It can be used for powdery and pellet feed, and can adjust food intake.

There are two basic designs, one for layer cages and another for vertical cages typically used for broilers.

Fully automatic gantry chicken feeding machine
The high-top fully automatic gantry-type chicken raising machine adopts a professionally welded frame made of high-quality rectangular steel and has a large load-bearing capacity. They are designed to feed chickens from one to four rows, which makes them an especially cost-effective option. They also feature galvanized steel hoppers that use a gravity feed system through the feed tube to distribute food evenly, which also avoids waste.

The lifting system consists of two conveyors, one horizontal and one vertical, feeding the hopper from the ground. When the feeding is completed, the photoelectric switch receives the signal to disconnect the control circuit of the motor, thereby improving work and operating efficiency.

Automatic gantry machines take up more vertical space than ladder machines and therefore require a considerably higher roof for installation. They are energy efficient and can do the job of a dozen people while also reducing labor costs.

Automatic traveling material machine
The Livi feeder is also designed to reduce food waste, save labor costs and generally improve the efficiency of large-scale farming operations.

Like the Livi gantry machine, the ladder machine has a high-quality welded steel frame and high load-bearing capacity. The moving system uses a drive chain, high-quality cast iron wheels and shock absorbers. The machine operates smoothly and can move continuously at a speed of 12 meters per minute.
Livi automatic traveling feeders take up more horizontal space than gantry machines and require at least 1.2 m between rows of cages in the poultry house. Each machine can only run along one row at a time.