Due to the increasing number of large-scale breeding in recent years, there are two types of layer chicken cages are popular with middle and large poultry farmers: A type and H type layer cage, both of this two cages can be fully automated, includes automatic feeding, automatic drinking, automatic manure removal, automatic egg collection and automatic temperature control

Features of A type automatic layer cage

1. A type layer cage has a feature of good ventilation and uniform illumination 

2. Simple structure, easy to operate and maintenance

3. Compared with H type automatic layer cage, A type cage occupies a larger area than H type

4. The initial investment is relatively small, A type layer cage can be manual or automatic as your farm scale or budget invest

5. If farm capacity is less than 30,000 birds, we advice A type cage, then u could choose manual or full automatic A type cage as your budget

A type automatic layer cage
A type automatic layer cage

Advantage of H type automatic layer cage

1. Fully automatic control is realized, reduces labor intensity and improves labor productivity, 1-2 workers can manage one farm

2. There is a manure removal belt at the bottom of each cage, which is clean and hygienic to ensure the health of the chickens

3. Save land space, high space utilization, easy to achieve intensive and large-scale breeding

4. The chicken manure is cleaned in layers, which is easy to collect and centrally process, the utilization rate of chicken manure is high, and the environmental pollution is extremely small

5. The fully enclosed breeding mode is conducive to preventing the occurrence of infectious diseases and improving the production performance of the chicken flock

H type automatic layer cage
H type automatic layer cage

LIVI’s Introduction

  • Zhengzhou LIVI Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1989 and is committed to the research and development, design, manufacturing, production and installation of poultry equipment systems.
  • Our poultry cage equipment systems have been exported to more than 80 countries in Africa, Central Asia, and the Americas, and have served more than 3,000 poultry farmers.
  • Zhengzhou LIVI Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a leader and expert in poultry equipment manufacturers in China. Our products cover the whole poultry farming system.
  • Here is the list of poultry equipment we supply:
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    4. Automatic egg Collection Systems
    5. Egg Grading and Sorting Machines
    6. Manure Removal Systems
    7. Incubators
    8. Heating Systems
    9. Ventilation Systems
    10. Poultry House Construction
    11. Poultry Feed Storage Equipment
    13. Poultry Feed Milling Machines
    12. Poultry Processing Equipment
    14. Poultry Waste Management Equipment