To improve the breeding efficiency of caged chickens and give full play to their good growth and production performance, farmers need to breed them scientifically and rationally. Here are some tips to improve the benefits of caged chickens.

1. Cage breeding of laying hens and broilers: Intensive and large-scale breeding modes are now popular in the poultry industry. The use of chicken cages is the basis of intensive chicken farming. Farmers increase the number of chickens. Cage chickens are a multi-level breeding mode, so they can make good use of the area of ​​the chicken house. Cage chickens are easy to manage, which can increase the number of farmers and increase the benefits of chicken farming.

    2. Prepare balanced feed: Whether the feed is properly prepared directly affects whether the nutrition in the chicken flock is balanced. Only with balanced nutrition can laying hens achieve normal growth and development and production performance. Farmers need to prepare reasonable feed according to the types and types of nutrients required at different growth stages, so that laying hens can get balanced nutrition feed at each growth stage.

    3. Do a good job of disinfection and immunization: Disease is a major obstacle to the health of the chicken flock and an obstacle for farmers to obtain high-efficiency pesticides. Therefore, preventing various diseases has become a must-do job for farmers. The best way is to disinfect and immunize the chicken flock regularly, so farmers cannot ignore these two tasks and must carry out them scientifically and reasonably.
    The above are the key points of the benefits of chicken farming for farmers, for reference and learning only.