For users who raise laying hens in laying hens cages, the length of the laying period and the length of the peak laying period are the key to determEnergy control: Farmers should pay attention to the control of energy in feed when raising laying hens, so that farmers can increase the protein in feed and promote the rapid arrival of eggs.

Laying hen cages
Laying hen cages
  1. Green supplements: Farmers should know that generally green feed contains rich protein, vitamins, chlorophyll and many unknown nutritional factors, which can activate the reproductive function of laying hens and increase egg production.
  2. Calcium supplementation: The formation of eggshells requires a lot of calcium, so calcium is also an indispensable nutrient for laying hens.
  3. Supplementary lighting: Light can greatly improve the egg-laying performance of laying hens, so farmers must control reasonable lighting work.
  4. Use additives wisely: Farmers can add some additives to increase the egg production rate of laying hens during the breeding process. Generally, baking soda can increase the egg production rate and eggshell strength.
  5. Reduce stress: The occurrence of stress response will reduce the egg-laying ability and production performance of laying hens, so farmers should always pay attention to the stress response of laying hens.
    The above are some key points and measures for farmers to improve the peak egg-laying period of laying hens in the process of caged laying hens. In fact, as long as the farmers are scientific and reasonable, laying hens can play a good egg-laying performance and increase benefits for farmers.